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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Chemical Market Research

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How much does a report cost?
Completed reports are typically 50 to 160 pages in length. Cost for these studies depends on scope. To begin a study all you need to do is call Chemtel and tell us what you wish to know. You will then be sent a proposal outlining timing, cost and methodology.
How long does it take for you to do a study or report?
A typical study requires six to twelve weeks to complete.
Can you tell me more about your background and expertise?

Gary SterlingGary Sterling started Chemtel in 1988 to provide quality market information to chemical businesses. Possessing a Masters degree in Chemistry and an MBA, Gary's combination of scientific and business skills provide him with special expertise in profitable new specialty chemical products and markets based on experience and strong, in-depth analysis of market opportunities.

Gary has more than 35 years experience in the chemical industry, with a record of success based on comprehensive knowledge of specialty chemicals, resins and domestic and global markets. From 1980 to 1987, he worked as a Polymer Applications Chemist and later as North American Marketing Manager for the organic peroxide division of what is now Pergan. In these capacities, he patented new peroxide formulations, and increased market share and revenue.

Gary's business and technical expertise in organic peroxides also extends to other polymer additives such as polymers, resins, coating, adhesives and composite materials.

The scope of studies he has completed include mold release agents, low profile additives, radical polymerization initiators, pressure sensitive adhesives, coatings and glass fiber sizing agents. About 80% of these studies focused on North America, 15% Europe and 5% Asia.

What are some of your clients?
A list of clients is available here.
Do you have some examples of your studies or reports?

Titles of some completed studies include the following:

  • The US Organic Peroxide Market: A US market study and forecast for years 1983-2009
  • Global Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Market
  • US Growth Prospects for t-Butyl Hydroperoxides
  • European GRP & Technical Rubber Release Agents
  • North American Market & Growth Prospect for Glass Fiber Film Sizing
  • North American Market & Growth Prospects for Urethane Mold Release Agents
  • The US Radical Initiator Market
  • The Global Peroxysulfate Market
How do I request a study?

Step One: Define a central issue pertaining to your marketing or strategic planning efforts. Examples of a central issue are: Whether you should enter into market X or whether you should enter market X through acquisition or grassroots, or whether you should enter market X with new technology. Oftentimes this need is confirmation of a client's suspicions. Sometimes the information needs may be pertaining to a completely new market to the company.

Step Two: Define general boundaries for the study. This is called a scope. The scope should address the following questions: What markets or technology are you interested in, the global regions you're primarily interested in (North America, Europe, Asia, South America, etc.) and a general idea of how you wish this information provided to you.

Step Three: Obtain necessary secrecy agreement with Chemtel, which protects you, and Chemtel. Chemtel will submit an agreement to you unless you wish to use your own.

Step Four: Submit your scope to Gary Sterling at Chemtel. Since most clients have a scope outline the best way to submit your scope is by telephone. At this point, you should also be clear on what information you are willing to share with Chemtel.

Step Five: Chemtel will assess your scope and submit to you a Preliminary Proposal restating your scope and defining objectives, methodology, timing and cost to complete the study.

Step Six: Determine whether Chemtel's Proposal meets your needs and budget. If it doesn't go back to steps Two, Four and Five.

Step Seven: Give Gary Sterling at Chemtel the "OK" to begin the study. Normally, this will require 50% of the study cost to be received by Chemtel. Final payment is normally due 30 days after receipt of completed study.

How do you safeguard proprietary data?
Most Chemtel studies are single-client reports performed under secrecy agreement. Additionally, Chemtel provides clients complete anonymity in the information gathering process.

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