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Chemtel has been providing chemical market studies since 1988. Most Chemtel studies are single-client proprietary studies regarding specialty chemicals and polymer systems. The focus of these studies includes market size, market shares, competitor assessments and forecasting. About 80% of Chemtel studies focus on North America, 15% on Europe and 5% on Asia.

Periodically, Chemtel reports on topics for public disclosure. These studies are called multi-client studies and are available immediately.

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Multiclient Reports

Prospectus and Table of Contents on currently available multi-client studies may be seen in the following list:

NEW - The US Organic Peroxide Market: A US market study and forecast for years 1983-2014 5th Edition (August 1, 2013, 92 pages, $4995)

Table of Contents

Prospectus: The Annual US Organic Peroxide Sales from Manufacturers is over $500 Million

Since 1988 Chemtel has been reporting trends and developments in the U.S. organic peroxide marketplace. This new study is an update of our highly successful 1999 and 2007 organic peroxide studies. Market growth and organic peroxide consumption statistics for 1983-2013 are included. This information is of great value to raw material suppliers and peroxide manufacturers.

Raw materials consumed by the organic peroxide industry include: Hydrogen peroxide, hydroperoxides, phosphorous trichloride, organic acid chlorides, organic acids, phosgene, ketones, alcohols, phthalate esters, mineral oils and others. Future consumption of these materials depends on end market growth and peroxide selection.

Chemtel has recently updated their database to include growth prospects for major end-use markets. These include the following markets: PVC, polystyrene, polypropylene vis-modification, HP-LDPE, coatings (alkyd and latex), elastomer x-linking, fiber reinforced plastics and other markets. Market growth and peroxide consumption is forecasted to the year 2014. Into each of these major markets over forty different organic peroxides are forecasted for consumption. North American peroxide consumption is further broken down by manufacturer, which include: Arkema, Akzo, Pergan, United, and Lyondell.

Global Organic Peroxides - No near term plans for a multi-client report on the international marketplace, however Chemtel is constantly upgrading its' database through constant vigilance of the international organic peroxide marketplace. Call us for a quote so we may solve your North American and international organic peroxide market questions.

Proprietary Studies

Most Chemtel studies are single-client reports performed under secrecy agreement. This provides the client a customized report containing unbiased and cogent market information for their strategic planning efforts. Additionally, Chemtel provides clients complete anonymity in the information gathering process.

Chemtel's strength is in gathering primary market knowledge on value-added chemicals, resins, polymers, or polymer additives. Markets which Chemtel considers its domain include the following:

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Organic Peroxides
  • Azo Initiators
  • Composite Plastics
  • Mold Release Agents
  • Low Profile Additives
  • Elastomers
  • Sizing Agents For Structural Fibers And Fillers
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Specialty Chemicals

Since Chemtel's information gathering process involves primary information it relies on personal contact with industry experts. Most contact is established directly over the telephone. Nevertheless, other sources used include trade show contacts, state, local and government records, other consultants and trade associations.

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